Internet Fleet Management

The Internet Fleet Management (IFM) allows the ship owner (shore) to view the Ship Automation System (ship) through the internet


The Mega-Guard Internet Ship View (ISV) system allows the ship owner (shore based) to view the Mega-Guard Ship Automation System (ship based) through the internet.

Ship owner can use a standard PC with internet browser and this allows him to have the same view as available on the ship based Mega-Guard Workstations. Graphic mimic pages, alarm lists, group pages and diagnostic pages are available in the ship owners office. In addition, if enabled, limit settings and configuration changes can be made. Praxis service department is also able to log-in in case trouble shooting is required and a quick and easy diagnosis of the ship based Mega-Guard can be made.

The ship owner can also use a Tablet (IOS or Android) to view ship based Mega-Guard. In this case a Ship View app has to be installed on the tablet.

Secure communication and log-in passwords are applied for protection.

Ship Cloud Server

The internet communication between ship owner office and ship is routed via a Ship Cloud Server which is installed at Praxis headquarters. So in fact the ship owner PC or Tablet communicates with the Ship Cloud Server and the Ship Cloud Server communicates with the ship; all through the internet. The Ship Cloud Server is needed because of several reasons:

  • Direct communication between ship owner office and ship would require complicated settings of fire walls and routers; both at ship owner’s office and on the ship. In practice this would mean that in many cases communication is simply not possible.
  • IP address of ship may frequently change; this depends mainly on the location of the ship as each time another service provider could be selected.

The Ship Cloud Server solves all above items and the ship owner can securely log-in from everywhere the internet is available as no special settings to fire walls and routers have to be made.

System lay-out on ship

The ship needs to be equipped with an internet connection; either via satellite or other way (not Praxis supply). The Mega-Guard Ship Automation System needs to be extended with a Ship View MPC. This solid state and ruggedized Marine PC is equipped with two Ethernet ports; one is connected to the Mega-Guard Ship Automation System and one is connected to ship’s LAN on which internet is available. The MPC is equipped with Workstation software and so called secure communication software in order to communicate with the Ship Cloud Server as installed in Praxis headquarters.


Office view of Mega-Guard on Tablet Praxis offers the service to communicate with the Ship Cloud Server against a yearly subscription fee. When purchasing the Mega-Guard Internet Ship View this includes already a one year subscription.

Scope of supply

Internet Ship View requires an extension of the Mega-Guard Ship Automation System as installed on the ship. The scope of supply consists of a ruggedized Ship View MPC equipped with solid state disk with Mega-Guard and secure communication software.

The Ship View MPC has the following characteristics:

  • Ethernet port to connect to Mega-Guard Ship Automation System (connected to Mega-Guard switch; check if there is one port free)
  • Ethernet port to connect to internet enabled ship’s LAN (connected to ship’s LAN switch; check if there is one port free)
  • Power supply: 19-32VDC / 25W
  • Bulkhead mounting
  • Dimensions: L=263mm, W=217mm, H=60mm.
  • Class type approved

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