• Praxis Automation Technology introduces Internet Ship View

    Published on 3 March 2016

    Praxis Automation Technology  – announces Mega Guard ISV (Internet Ship View), which provides a remote ship-to-shore view of a ship’s Mega Guard Automation system via the internet.

    Communication between the ship owner and ship is routed via a Ship Cloud Server installed at Praxis headquarters and enables ship owner to securely log-in from everywhere the internet is available without password or firewall issues. All the ship needs is an internet connection and a Ship View MPC - a solid-state, ruggedized Marine PC with secure communication software and equipped with two Ethernet ports for the Mega-Guard Ship Automation System and the ship’s LAN on which internet is available.

    Communication with the Ship Cloud Server is based on an annual subscription, which for the first year is included in the purchase price of Internet Ship View.

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