Praxis Automation Technology introduces Fleet Management System

Published on 21 March 2018

The PRAXIS Fleet Management System (FMS) is an Internet-based application for the monitoring and reporting of data derived from seagoing vessels. All data will be collected from the vessels´ Alarm- and Monitoring systems in a fully automated manner and will be transferred to the database meeting highest security standards.

It offers the following functions to the shipowners:

  • The Fleet Overview page lists user selectable status information for all vessels in the fleet.
  • The Vessel View page shows user selectable parameters of individual vessels including the possibility to highlight vessel-related information of special interest –  e.g. the fuel consumption or the CO² emission rate.
  • The automated creation of reports on the Statistic View page allows to plot freely selectable parameters over a defined timespan.
  • The Position View shows the recent position of any individual vessel.

One major aim of the FMS is to significantly reduce the administrative effort of the report creation - e.g. CO² emission reports according to the IMO MRV rule. These documents can be created in a fully automated manner.

At the same time the FMS helps shipowners with the optimization of cost-critical parameters, as their vessels’ fuel economy, e.g. by comparing fuel consumption over speed plots of different vessels or timespans.

Next to the shoreside fleet-monitoring functions the vessel operations will benefit from direct shoreside guidance of individual vessels during critical situations.

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