Praxis Automation Technology

Praxis Automation Technology develops, manufactures and delivers innovative automation and navigation equipment for all types of vessels.

Innovative ship automation and navigation

Praxis Automation Technology, founded in 1965 in The Netherlands, began with manufacturing and supplying alarm and monitoring systems for sea going vessels. During the years, our experience combined with extensive research, enabled the company to offer complete solutions in the ship automation and navigation equipment field. Today we manufacture and supply the second generation of the “Mega-Guard” Ship Automation and Navigation System.

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Praxis Automation Technology winner 2016 in Maritime ICT

Rotterdam - Praxis Automation Technology BV has been declared the 2016 winner in the Maritime ICT sector by the National Business Success Award Institute. According to the Nomination Committee, it has developed into a leading company with a very strong position thanks to innovation and in-house production of computer systems. "Praxis Automation Technology knows how to convert its extensive knowledge of ship automation into customer-friendly products, whereby it scores very highly in terms of customer satisfaction."

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