Mega-Guard GreenInverter is an advanced and compact high power inverter system covering the following drive applications:


  • Electric propulsion motor drive from DC bus
  • Generator drive and charging the GreenBatteries
  • AC grid generation from DC bus
  • Shore power conversion and charging the GreenBatteries
  • DC/DC conversion


Mega-Guard GreenBatteries (electric energy storage) are connected to DC bus as well. They are charged and discharged  by Mega-Guard GreenInverters.

A GreenInverter is available in various current and voltage ranges: from maximum current 225A to 1400A and a maximum voltage of 800VDC or 1000VDC. In addition, a Mega-Guard GreenInverter is available in 2 different housings:

  • Compact housing: up to 450A with single high voltage cables  for DC bus and 3 phase AC voltage
    Extended housing: up to 1400A with dual high voltage cables  for DC bus and 3 phase AC voltage

The EMC cable glands for the high voltage cables are suitably  sized to support large cable diameters.

High Power Inverter

Mega-Guard GreenInverter is equipped with various hardware inputs and outputs for external control and monitoring purpose. Advanced four quadrant inverter software is applied to support  sensor-less control of electric motor RPM.


A high power GreenInverter is built-up with the following main components:

  • Operator Panel with built-in Control Processor and GreenInverter application programming in IEC61131 language
  • Inverter controller with integrated safety functions and advanced four quadrant motor control software 
  • 3x IGBT up to 1400A for 3 phase AC motor/generator driving
  • DC Bus capacitors
  • Water cooling circuit for cooling the IGBT's and internal electronics




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